The Machine

RIVET is a type of vehicle we call “Landjet”. Designed from the ground up as a 3 wheeled vehicle, with its exposed cockpit and command center, seating fit only for a captain and the harmonious roar of its brute V8, piloting RIVET gives you the feeling of flying on the open road.

RIVET’s intent is not only to draw attention to the pilot or the vehicle itself, but to the art and craft of hand built machines, done in the spirit of keeping America’s “routes” alive.

Before machines made machines, man made machines.

It is our belief that a man made machine possesses character and soul, much like the men and women who have built and protected this great country. Design inspiration for RIVET is pulled from the timeless designs of the machines that helped win WWII, with particular attention to one of the most feared airplanes in American history, the B-17 Bomber.


Rivet Motors