Shatner rolls through KCK on tour to help veterans


Many know him as Captain Kirk from Star Trek but now, William Shatner is taking on a new role.

Shatner has accomplished a lot in his career, but this current project is something he says he’s most proud of. He is riding a motorcycle 2,400 miles across the country to raise money for an American Legion Scholarship fund.

He rolled into the Kansas Speedway on Thursday, sun burnt and a bit tired.

“We’ve got four more days, and everybody is staggering already,” he said.

The money raised will help cover college expenses for children of United States military members who lost their lives while on duty after 9/11.

“I’m thanking them for the honor of being able to attempt to help them,” Shatner said.

As part of the journey, Shatner also planned to ride

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