Shatner stops while traveling through Missouri


Sedalia – The Missouri leg of actor William Shatner’s trip from Chicago to Los Angeles continued Wednesday with stops in Sedalia and at Whiteman Air Force Base in Johnson County before continuing on to Independence and Kansas City.

The ride is designed to promote the American Legion and the sleek, custom-made River motorcycle created by American Wrench. At the same time, he is the subject of a documentary film, “The Ride.”

At The Mason Jar, 217 S. Ohio Ave., owner Penny Nichols scrambled to prepare food for Shatner and his entourage.

“I heard from his PR man, and my phone was being hateful, was that he liked the whole downtown café idea and the historic part of Sedalia, and that’s all I know as the reason that he picked us,” she said, and then added, “They had read that … I did Cajun food.”

One of Nichols’ employees, Heather Bennett, 28, said she did not need anybody to tell her about Shatner’s most famous TV alter ego, as “Star Trek’s” James Tiberius Kirk. She said she grew up watching the show with her father.

Which Enterprise captain is better – the virile Kirk or cerebral Jean Luc Picard, played by X-Men movie star Patrick Steward.

“I’d have to say Kirk,” she said.

Surrounded by other bikers in his entourage, Shatner and his wife, Elizabeth Shatner, arrived riding on …

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